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This sounds too good to be true. What’s the catch?

Believe it! We’re passionate about putting our techy, writerly, and generally geeky skills to work for you, so you can spend your time shaking all the hands, kissing all the babies, and making all the change.

How many pages are included with the Boosting Blue package?

Unlimited.  You can create and manage as many pages and as much content as your campaign needs to get your message out to your voters.

Can I use a domain that I already own?

Yes! We’ll work with you to point the domain you already have registered to our servers.

Who owns the content on the website?

You and the campaign own the content, and you can export it at any time.

Can I manage my own content or do I have to go through you?

We’ll provide an admin account to the point person on the campaign.  With it, you can manage all of your own content.  We’ll also maintain an admin account for ourselves, so we can access the site and help with any updating that the campaign needs.

Can I accept donations on my website?

Yes! The donation page relies on a third party processor, like ActBlue, Action Network or PayPal.  We simply embed the donation form on the site, but payments are collected by the third party that the campaign chooses.

Are email addresses included with the website?

Yes, we can also provide your campaign with custom email addresses.  If you don’t want to use our service, we recommend using Google’s G Suite of tools.

Can I include video on the site?

You betcha! Pick the third party video provider you like best, be it YouTube, Vimeo, or any other provider, and embed the video clips on the website. Not sure what any of this means? We’ve got a support team standing by to help.

Can people sign-up to receive email alerts from my campaign?

We can integrate with any third-party email newsletter service into the campaign website. Visitors to your site can subscribe to your email alerts through a form embedded on the website. We recommend using Action Network or MailChimp, but we can can work with any service you select for email newsletters.

What happens to my site after I win my election?

After the election (which you are going to win), we hope that you will keep your site active (at a reduced rate) on our platform to communicate with your constituents and to get ready for the next election cycle. If you decide for any reason to shut down the website, we’ll package up your content and send it to you.